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We want to help you with all aspects of your health. The body, mind, managing stress, pain whether it be back pain, middle back pain, neck pain, muscle pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, and all joints of the body are treated.

Our front desk will help you in any way they can from assisting you with filling out your new patient form, with all your medical information, to questions you may need help with answering, most of all feeling welcome and supported in the clinic.

More About My Services

Chiropractic Adjustments

One of the greatest methods to relieve joint and spinal pain is joint manipulation. Chiropractic adjustments are very unique and specific short lever manoeuvres of a high speed and low force movement. This causes a release of gases from the joint and a clicking sound often heard.

A fantastic book by Dr Heidi Haavik “The Reality Check” explains how chiropractic care works and the book is a quest to understand chiropractic medicine from the inside out, I highly recommend you read her book.

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Corrective Spinal Care

Many people around the world have different shaped spines, this is due to genetics, sports they play, posture at school and work and muscle imbalances. The variations in spinal shape increases the aging processes in the spine and injury rates increases leaving the spine in these abnormal positions.

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Exercise is vital for a proper and fully functioning human being. Exercise programs help not only develop the muscle you are training but more importantly it trains your brain to interpret, control and sequence muscles to contract/relax at precise intervals moving the respective body part. One part of the body is the number one area to develop first and this is your ‘core’ abdominal system.

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Soft Tissue and Education

Our muscles support and move our joints, relay important messages from one part of the body and the brain to sequence precise muscular contraction maintaining the body’s weight in various postures and positions. Imbalances in the muscle system create an abnormal joint position leading to increased friction in a joint, degenerative changes in joints and overload to other muscles leading to pain and muscle spasm.

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Dr Bruce Grant runs a diverse chiropractic practice!

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