Chiropractic Adjustments and Pain Relief

One of the greatest methods to relieve joint and spinal pain is joint manipulation. Chiropractic adjustments are very unique and specific short lever maneuvers of a high speed and low force movement. This causes a release of gases from the joint and a clicking sound often heard. A fantastic book by Dr Heidi Haavik “The Reality Check” explains how chiropractic care works and the book is a quest to understand chiropractic medicine from the inside out, I highly recommend you read her book.

It is very important you understand how a chiropractic adjustment occurs, what are its benefits for pain relief, control of the joint being treated, is the effect only local or throughout the body?

A term called the “vertebral subluxation” is what I detect when I examine your spine or joint. A vertebral subluxation was described by early chiropractors because these dysfunctional areas felt “out of place” and “stuck” when the doctor was palpating the spine. Subluxation translated means “partial dislocation” which is where the phrase “bone out of place” came from. Modern science has proven that the bone is not partially dislocated but in fact small tight muscles that attached to individual vertebrae have become tight from overuse, bad posture or injury. The tight muscles can twist the vertebrae so that certain parts of the vertebrae are more prominent and feel “out of place” or “stuck”. These areas are painful and often cause limited and painful movements of the respective body part. A vertebral subluxation is a dysfunctional area in the spine that negatively affects health and wellbeing due to its influence on the nervous system. One of the most important focuses in my treatment is to detect, treat and correct these subluxations; this enables your body to function at its optimal.

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