Soft Tissue and Education

Our muscles support and move our joints, relay important messages from one part of the body to the brain to sequence precise muscular contractions, maintaining the body’s weight in various postures and positions. Imbalances in the muscle system create an abnormal joint position leading to increased friction in a joint, causing degenerative changes in joints and overload to other muscles, resulting in pain and muscle spasm.

Other forms are soft tissue are just as important namely the ligaments, tendons and fascia of the body. Ligaments allow our joints to move but limit the distance the joint surfaces move apart, functioning as a protective mechanism for the joints. They also enhance balance and are richly supplied with nerve tissue communicating with the brain about our joints position in space relative to other objects, or other parts of the body. If our muscles stretch beyond their normal length, the ligaments can be injured, our joints can become loose as a result, and the joint unstable.

Tendons are found at the end of each muscle in the body, they connect the muscle to the bone.

Education is arguably one of the most important aspects you should receive in any treatment session. It creates a portal for you and your practitioner to share information, for you to be compliant in the treatment processes helps improve your healing and recovery. Through education you also become accountable to your injury and a shared responsibility between practitioner and patient.

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